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Falegnameria Poggianella

Arredamenti su misura dal 1966

The carpentry

The first kitchen built by the Gaetano Poggianella carpentry.

Year 1961...

The experience of the carpentry business dates back to the 1950/s 60s, when little Gaetano began playing in his uncle's workshop, becoming passionate about making it his businness. Activity that has been developing over the years. The Poggianella carpetry shop, born as an indivdual firm in 19966 in Torviscosa, moved in 1968 to a small shop in the center of San Giorgio di Nogaro.
Inaugurazione negozio espositivo di Palmanova nel 1995
Bicicletta del falegname del 1920

The need for new spaces gave reason in 1970 to build the current headquarters of 500 square meters and from October 1995 with the entry into business of the sons luca and Mivhela, the carpentry is able to provide a customized design to the most varied customer needs.

The Gaetano Poggianella carpentry designs, manufactures and implements custom made kitchens and furnishings in general with the passion and artisan experience, where the union of wood with stone offers that atmosphere and that charm of a past ime but that knows how to create the essential lines of modern times.
Falegnameria Poggianella di Luca Poggianella
Headquarters: Via Palladio 29, 33058, San Giorgio di Nogaro, Udine
P.IVA 04636340277
Phone: 0431.65744
Fax: 0431.65744
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